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the anti-dresden dolls community — LiveJournal
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Time:09:31 am
playing with panic at the disco...ha.
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Current Music:The Dolls, of course
Current Location:NYC
Subject:The Dolls....
Time:11:39 am
Current Mood:pensivepensive
I stumbled upon this website through the Closet and Hate Mail section of the Dolls website and found some of the entries both in the Hate Mail section and on this website interesting enough to provide responses.
The Dolls are not named after the family from Flowers In The Attic. The family name was Dollanganger. For further proof you can check out the family tree at: http://www.completevca.com/lib_doll_tree.shtml
If you don't like the Dolls because of a personal relationship with the members (Amanda and Brian) then that's cool, but does it really matter to the rest of the population? Are we ever going to be able to sit down and actually talk to A or B? Fans represent a liking to the music, not necessarily the people making it.
Anyone who doesn't like the Dolls because Amanda doesn't shave her armpits is just being petty. Although I'm sure you have the world's greatest hygiene. If I believed there was a hell I would agree with the person who posted stating you were going there.
A lot of people have also posted that the meanings behind songs are bizarre, weird, or sending the wrong message. To this I say, there are a lot of lyrics out there that are questionable. If you don't like the lyrics to a song, it's quite simple, don't listen to it. As far as Amanda and Brian censoring what they say because of who might listen to their music, it isn't Amanda and Brian's responsibility to make sure vulnerable young people don't hear their music, it's the parents or caregivers of said young people. Didn't we learn anything from Eminem a few years ago?
I have to agree with the person who stated that the ad hominem argument should be defunct. Attacking the people who listen to the Dolls is not a reason to not like the Dolls. If you just don't dig the Dolls music, that's cool, but telling people who do that they have nothing better to do than make entries on this website or that they are bitches or mutant or rabid, is just ridiculous.
What happened to spell-check? If you are going to post where a lot of other people are going to read it (and you want to be taken seriously) you might want to either re-read your post for spelling and grammar mistakes or use smaller words that are easier to spell. These websites might be helpful http://www.m-w.com or http://www.dictionary.com. There is also a nifty little button at the bottom of this page you can click on to do the spell checking for you! Amazing!
As for the police issues that Brian has or has not been involved with, again I refer you to Eminem and others that also have police records of some sort. Did everyone stop listening to R. Kelly? How about watching Kobe play ball? Just something to think about.
Finally, I'd like to say that if you've read this far, thank you. I like the Dolls music, they put on an awesome live show, and I'll continue to be a Dolls fan regardless of what I read about them. Their personal lives intrigue me less than the anticipation of what the new album will hold in store for me.
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Current Music:none
Time:02:33 am
Current Mood:quixoticquixotic
I'm just very interested in what this community values as good music.

I admit it, I'm a Dolls fan, but I like other music too, my iPod ranges from Yo-Yo Ma, to Avril Lavigne, to Queen and System of a Down.

What does this community feel is good music, and why is it such a big deal to hate on music/bands you don't like?
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Subject:I think xkintaro might have been...victimized.
Time:07:28 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I could be wrong, but isn't it illegal to post someone's information, such as address, phone number, etc., without his/her/their express permission?
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Time:05:10 pm
One good reason to not listen to the Dresden Dolls' music, or at least not buy there albums.

This is from the New York Times: "Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione has been convicted of up to three counts of rape and battery.

Three girls aged from eleven to fourteen have made charges against him. He is said to have met them at concerts Children were able to attend, and followed them home.

He is expected to show up in court April 1. It is not yet known how this will effect his current concerts.

When questioned about these assaults he referred to Stacie Carrad, an 11 year old victim of the rapes, that she was just being a "promiscuous slut," and said it was his "male right to exercise his sexual desires." He also said similar things about the other two victims, Diane Rice aged 12, and Danielle Tate aged 14.

Sorry I couldnt quote the full article i couldnt stomach the rest that is about the investigation, i suggest you find it yourself and read it.
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Time:06:10 pm
Current Mood:creative
I've seen them live and they are the most talented people and on their UK tour this year have book tickets to see them twice.


So you think they are crap, do you? Please explain yourselves cos i really dont understand....

This post is for amanda and brian who make me laugh, smile, cry and whose music i love.
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Current Music:Operation ivy
Subject:I hate hippies
Time:11:49 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
Does amanda count as a hippie?? Because i friggin hate hippies. And if she does...*scowls* Then i absolutely hate her. All i got for now.
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Time:08:57 pm
schmeef, could you seriously not handle people being able to leave comments under your post?

p.s. I hear Amanda plucks her pubes into a swastika
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Current Music:"Girl Anachronism"-Dresden Dolls
Subject:ahem*clears throat*
Time:02:02 am
Current Mood:enthralled
I think it's great that you guys hate the Dresden Dolls so incredibly much you can talk about it to each other. Because of course this is going to stop them. Them, who have more talent than any of you (yes even the amazing artist) have in one hair follicle. And every time you guys rant, it sends giggles to my heart, because you have absolutely nothing to rant about. You sad, sad, interdependent "people". That's all for now.
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Time:09:06 pm
I only ever listend to their songs, never saw them preform so im not basing this on how they act
i dont think she can sing, i cant sing and even i can tell a number of times its off key but i still find thier songs entertaining in a bizzar way. their so bizzar their interesting to listen to, but im insain and its just my personal opinion
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the anti-dresden dolls community — LiveJournal
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