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Okay, I have to admit from the start, I am a fan of The Dolls, and a remote acquaintance of the bandmembers. That being said, I don't really like their shows.  You see, earlier in the bands life, I didn't make it to so many shows as I'd've liked, but when I did make it, the atmosphere was different. Better. I seem to remember the crowd would perceive "audience participation" as involving more than swaying and playing karaoke at the top of their lungs. Maybe my memory is deluded by time, but the current crop of fans are so boring. As I recall, the Dolls played a show with The World Inferno Friendship Society a few years back, and the Dolls fans spent days afterward bitching about the mosh pits on the Dolls forums, blaming it on the Infernites. I say, fuck 'em. And I swear to god, if one more of them screams "YOU KNOW AMANDA?" at me, I'll kill them. She and I are not close. I don't have her number. I can't get you her used panties. Please fuck off. Thank you.
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Hello all!

Wow, look at all the activity my little commmunity has generated. I am shocked, because I haven't visited this thing in like a year.

It's not hard to make a community on LJ. It took me 15 minutes like a year ago. You people have all spent more time here in the last year than I have, so please stop going on about how much one must hate someone to go and make a community about it. You don't have to hate someone very much at all! You don't have to expend much effort at all! the future is here! we have the internet! it's easy to criticize these days! This is why we have "flame wars."

But thank you, all you DD fans, for keeping our community alive. Without you, we'd have probably gotten bored by now and left here. but now we get your comments to keep us entertained.

Caught a few seconds of the DDolls in March - they were the band on after a band I wanted to see @ Stubb's BBQ. They sounded even WORSE than they did in the good old days. That bombast mixed with that volume. Ouch.

Anyway, thanks for your continued support, DD fans! See you next year. In the meantime, I will continue my life being rich, famous, well loved and posessed of better things to do. ta!

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i like the dolls. but others hate them. this isnt the 1st hate group formed against and band. so why are the fans getting all upset and getting in on this? the only reason i read some of this stuff is for fun, and the fact that i enjoy arguing. its not that offensive if people hate a band you like. it happens all the time. and some people enjoy ranting about stuff they hate. let the haters hate, and creat websites. chill out fans.
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An Apology

I would like to apologize for the fans that seem to do nothing but repeat the same message over and over. Im very a big fan of Amanda and Brian, but I can respect and understand their music is NOT for everyone. No band has everyone in the world like them, no matter how great they are, and I salute you guys for speaking out. Keep up the freedom and keep up the hate. And again, sorry for the repeat "dont you have anything better to do?" posters...


to dedicate a whole forum to hating the dresden dolls, that takes effort, i dont know about you but usuallly when i hate someone i dont put much effort into it i just hate them! and everyone here who actually does hate them are idiots! the dresden dolls are a wonderful band and what makes them so great is how creative they are bitches, not like most of the sellout bands that i bet you all listen to!!!! do you think complaing about them to others is going to hurt them or do anything to make them stop....NO it fucking isnt!!! okay they dont give a shit what you think about them unless your a fan!! complain all you want, its just a waste of fucking time!

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You stupid fucks hate the dresden dolls. How fucking dare you even make  a forum like this? I know you probably all have your pants down looking at the computer a little after ten at night right after your parents go to sleep. You obviously love this band deep down inside you cause who would waste their time making this!? You know that you're going to die right? Why are you wasting precious life doing this? You all deserve to fucking be wasted.
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um okay

If you hate the Dolls so much, than why bother making a whole forum about it? isn't it kind of pointless...because obviously you care enough to waste your time with this.

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Dark cabaret?

Honestly, why the hell are there more FANS involved in this forum than those that express dissent towards the Dresden Dolls? I mean seriously, I'm STILL being amused by the responses I've seen. I thought I'd get flamed for a while, but Hell's bells, I don't even remember when I put that drawing up. And I still see things going on. What gives? Trust me, if I really disliked Amanda Palmer, I wouldn't be doing these drawings. In fact, I don't even care that she has armpit hair. I personally think it's gross, but the bottom line is that it's HER body, and she can do whatever she damn well pleases. The more power to her! No, the ones I dislike are the rabid fans that have nothing else better to do than try to put me down, or tell me things I ALREADY KNOW. About Amanda putting my drawing on their website; it's awesome that a band can laugh at such STUPID CRITICISM. Trust me, I've seen much worse, less talented "artists" who have their fans hack people's LiveJournal accounts. Is it right for an artist to "scream" online (type in all caps and use lots of exclaimation points like angsty teenagers who are mad because their mommies won't let them color their hair the way they so desire) and demand her fans hack people's LJ accounts? You can have your opinion, but I have mine, and I think it's ridiculous. More power to DD for doing what they will.
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